Black and White Bird Illustration from 1885

The title of this picture was Chiff Chaff and Nest.  It came from the 1885 book called, "Pretty Pictures for Tiny Pets:  With Stories and Verses."

This is a jpeg image saved at 300 dpi.

Four Wildflower Images from 1878

This jpeg contains four wildflower images from an 1878 book called "Familiar Wild Flowers Figured and Described." The author is F. Edward Hulme.   I think they would make pretty embellishments in a scrapbook layout.

Rhododendron Color Illustration 1826

This beautiful color illustration of a rhododendron (my state's flower!) is from a book entitled "Flora Conspicua," copyright 1826.  It has been saved at 300 dpi and is 6" by a little over 9" in size.

Household Elegancies Book Title Page 1875

Here is a beautiful ephemera item. This is the title page of an 1875 book called "Household Elegancies." I especially love the elegant fonts in the title!  The size is approximately 7" by 10" and is saved at 300 dpi.

Antique Lace Butterfly Image

This antique lace butterfly comes from "A Lady's Lace Book."  I removed the background so you would have a png image.  This would make a good element or embellishment.