Victorian Little Girls and Pretty Hats

Here is a card front of little girls in Victorian hats, for personal use only.  The graphics of the little girls came from

Vintage Children's Book Illustrations from 1885

Here are more children's book illustrations.  (I'm trying to get caught up on my posting!)  These come from a book called "Little Crumbs," copyright 1885.  The publisher is D. Lothrop & Company from Boston.  Since 1885 is in the public domain, I would assume these could be used commercially as well as for personal projects.  I'm not sure how good the quality would be printed out, because the book is so old.  But most of you are probably more skilled than I am at those types of things!  Enjoy!

Antique Color Illustrations of Children by E. Stuart Hardy

These darling color illustrations of children are from a book called "Laugh and Play," by the illustrator E. Stuart Hardy.  I could not find a copyright date for this book.  So if you want to use them commercially, I would suggest doing research on the illustrator to make sure they are in the public domain.  I'm almost sure they are, but I don't like to take chances.  I tried to look up the date of his death, but I couldn't find that either. 

Free Color Illustrations of Trees - Personal or Commercial Use

These images are from a book called A Guide to the Trees, by Alice Lounsberry.  The copyright is 1900. That is public domain, so they should be fine for personal or commercial use for your projects.  I will be posting more as I get them retouched.  Click each image to enlarge.


American Elm

 Black Oak


Canoe Birch

Red Maple

Witch Hazel

Dotted Fruit Thorn

Pink and Light Green Floral Scrapbook Element - Free Printable

Here is an elements that I just made for your scrapbook decorating.  It is a light pink and green frame with a pink rose inside.  For personal use only.