Apple Tree Blossom and Leaves Printable and Background Paper

This apple tree printable comes from a 1900 book called "A Guide to the Trees."  The illustrator is Mrs. Ellis Rowan.  I couldn't find a first name for her.  It's funny when you read those old books.  Often the women went by "Mrs." rather than their first names!

Cinderella Illustrations from 1865

Vintage Cinderella illustrations from an 1865 children's book.  Written by Edward Dalziel and illustrated by George Dalziel   Click on the image below to download all six images.

Godey's Fashions

Beautiful Victorian dresses from Godey's Ladies' Book, March of 1864.  This would be Civil War era clothing.

Children's Book Illustration in Black and White

"After Tea" is a poem and black and white illustration that came from an antique children's book.  I've posted the poem and the image. 

After Tea

Very often in the evening,
Shortly after tea,
Father, when he's read the paper,
Takes me on his knee.

There I fix myself "quite comfy,"
In his arms so strong,
While he makes up lovely stories
As he goes along.

Mother near us with her sewing,
Rocking to and fro,
Smiles and listens to the stories,
Likes them too, I know.

And I'm sure that she is thinking,
What perhaps you've guessed,
That the stories Father tells us
Are the very best.

Hey Diddle Diddle and Bye Baby Bunting

These color illustrations are from an 1882 children's book. They portray "Hey Diddle Diddle" and "Bye Baby Bunting" nursery rhymes.