Vintage Little Red Riding Hood Tags and Circles Free Printable

Description:  Little Red Riding Hood Tags and Circles

  • Four tags
  • Three circles
  • Artwork taken from
  • Personal use only 
  • Free printable

Free Printable Vintage Scrapbook Paper with Matching Elements

Description:  Free Printable Scrapbook Paper

  • One 12" by 12" (3600 by 3600 px) 300 dpi printable sheet
  • Floral design - geraniums
  • Two tags
  • Two circles
  • Two journal cards
  • Personal use only
  • Personal use online allowed with link back to this blog
  • Graphic Credits: and

4th of July Circles Vintage Look 2.5"


  • 6 circles on one 11" by 8.5" page
  • Vintage look 4th of July theme
  • Each circle measures 2.5" in diameter
  • Personal use only
  • Print as many pages as you wish for personal use.

How to Cut Out Difficult Scrapbook Images ~ Video Tutorial

I don't know about some of you, but my hands are not steady at all.  When I try to cut out little scrapbook tags or shapes, they are often uneven and choppy.  Here is a video that shows how to use scissors and craft knives to cut out those small areas.

Printable Tags and Journal Cards

I thought this brown and cream floral background was so pretty.  I have made for you today a set of three printable journal cards, size 4" by 3".  Also, a set of three tags that measure 3" by 5".  These are for personal use only.  Thank you!