Free Daguerreotype Floral Card Front Printable

This printable has a floral arrangement as an overlay on a daguerreotype background.  The flowers are from an antique book from the 1800's.  This could be a card front or resized as a scrapbook elements or tag.

Vintage Black and White Clip Art Images

Here are some vintage black and white clip art images from a variety of different public domain antique books and magazines.

Autumn Digital Background Papers

I'm really trying to  upload a lot of my files that are sitting on my desktop where all of you can use them.  These are 12" by 12".  Here are several fall digital background papers for personal or commercial use.

Vintage Floral Background Digital Scrapbook Paper

Here are some variations of the same vintage floral background, but in different soft colors.  They are 12" by 12".

Vintage Tree Illustrations in Color

Here are more tree images from the book "A Guide to the Trees," by Alice Lounsberry. The copyright is 1900. That is public domain, so they should be fine for personal or commercial use for your projects.

Listed here are the American Beech, American Chestnut, American Linden, American Mountain Ash, and American Yellow Wood.

American Beech

American Chestnut

American Linden

American Mountain Ash

American Yellow Wood