Patriotic Lady - The War Garden Victorious - Commercial Use OK

This image of a patriotic lady came from a book called "The War Garden Victorious" by Charles Lathrop Pack.  It was copyrighted in 1919.  It is not in copyright, so it may be used for personal or commercial projects.  I've retouched the image in three different ways for you, removing more text each time.

From the first paragraph of the book:

"The war garden was a war-time necessity.  This was true because war conditions made it essential that food should be raised where it had not been produced in peace times, with labor not engaged in agricultural work and not taken from any other industry, and in places where it made no demand upon the railroads already overwhelmed with transportation burdens."

Vintage 3" by 5" Cards - Little Girl Framed

I believe this image came from and was originally an old advertisement.  The little girl had a frame and flowers to enhance her beauty.  These tags or cards are approximately 3" by 5" and can be used for any personal project.

Vintage Lady Valentine Card Fronts

This vintage lady is from a postcard.  There is a card front and a tag.  Personal use only.

Mixbook Overview Tutorial Video

I am not an affiliate of Mixbook, so I will say that upfront.  I am trying to research the different publishing options for my digital photos and scrapbooks.  So I found this video tutorial on Youtube and thought it was very helpful


Vintage Child Card Front and Journal Tag

Here is a pretty vintage illustration of a little girl wearing a white dress or coat, a white hat, and blue trim.  The original image is from a post card.  The first is a 4" by 6" card front, the second image is a 3" by 4" journal tag.  This is for personal use only.