Free Printable Card Fronts, Tags, and Stationery

The pretty lady on these printables is from  The set includes two 4" by 6" card fronts, three journal or scrapbook tags, and two stationery printables.  Other resources used were Picmonkey, Graphicstock, and my own collection.  These are for personal use only.

Card Front and Tags - Vintage Lady with Hat and Fur

This lovely lady is from  The card front is approximately 4" by 6" and the tags are approximately 3" by 4".  Personal use only.

Antique Rose Scrapbook Tags Free Printable

This beautiful rose image is from a very old book called "The Rose, it's History, Poetry, Culture, and Classification."  The author is S. B. Parsons and the copyright date was 1847.  These tags are for personal use in scrapbooking, card making, and other paper crafts.

Vintage Bird Images Scrapbook Tags

These pretty vintage bird images come from  I have made scrapbook tags from them for your personal use.

Vintage Seed Catalog Covers

Here are two seed catalog cover images.  One is "Alexander Drug and Seed," from 1897.  The other is Harnden Seed Company from 1905.  Even though these are public domain, I'm not sure about commercial use because of the names of the companies.  I don't know if they would be trademarked, so I am only offering them as personal use.